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Ive just finished editing Episode Two of The Feeder and you can now subscribe via iTunes. Special thanks to my guest voices:

Brian Jude of The Digital Cafe Tour.
Tammy Munson of The Podtalk Divas.
Israel Mirsky, Advanced Media Ventures Group.
My wife, Stacy.
Stay tuned for more guest voices and episodes soon. As always, VERY special thanks to Clay Graham, the artist for this series.

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Calling Podcast Listeners, Podcasters and the Podcurious
11 February 2007Dr. Kathleen King0 comments
As we have been describing Podcamp New York City on our podcast (link below), we have realized anew the great potential this meetup has for providing people who really dont get the podcast thing a chance to ramp up quickly. Kind of like when we advertise cars with stats that tell us they can go from 0-80 mph in so many seconds, a podcamp is the greatest way to jump right in and the breadth of podcasting culture in the quickest and friendliest environment I know.

People who are podcasting curious, novices and experts all find plenty of company and new ideas at podcamps How can we be sure? Because the podcasting community is a welcoming one Just ask around!

Plus- you have a team of Podcamp NYC organizers who will be there to help make it happen and tons of podcast folks in high gear.
Do you have a favorite story about how the podcasting community has helped you out? How have they helped you learn the ropes? Lets start sharing some here so people get an idea of what this friendly group is like.

Ill share one to start.
One of the people who helped me get started was Rob Walch of Podcast411- back in 2005, I would drop him an email, or pick up the phone, he saw me through those first rounds of getting setup and still is somebody I can count on. How did I know him? Just from his podcast, but he was willing to answer my questions. Podcasters are great!

FYI, This weeks episode where we talk a lot about the upcoming Podcamp NYC: http://www.podcastforteachers.org/TechpodArchives.html#E74

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We love Shelly Palmer
10 February 2007johnhavens0 comments

So if by some fantastical reason youre not aware of who Shelly Palmer is, check out his show Media 3.0 or read his book Television Disrupted: The Transition from Network to Networked TV. I had the chance to start the book last night on the train and was really impressed; although I thought I was a fairly advanced tech geek, I was amazed to discover how little I knew about the infrastructure of how traditional TV gets to the box in my house. And thats just for starters. Shelly walks through older monetization models offline to on and provides numerous tips to help provide a framework for how to create content in modern media.

However, as I just started the book Im just giving you a sense of what I read last night. Ill be honest, however, I was also overwhelmed, much like I was when I first read Jasons book, Promoting Your Podcast. Some books sort of coast along, others (like these two) are so full of information you need to digest them in parts. In other words, holy crap, these guys know a lot.

That said, special thanks go out to Shelly Palmer as hes been helping refer us to folks who may help sponsor PodCamp NYC and/or cover the event as journalists. His help is VERY appreciated and didnt want to forget to mention that.

-John C. Havens

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Thanks to Kevin Shively and tvworldwide
6 February 2007johnhavens0 comments
Special thanks to Kevin Shively of tvworldwide for shooting video of the PodCamp NYC organizers at Bill Sobels recent NYMIEG breakfast. As youll note, the piece was largely unscripted and features a loud-ish background as the caterers were cleaning up and apparently arent familiar with the terms, speedrollingaction. But the sentiment is very heartfelt and gives you a sense of what a bunch of us look like. Im the Jay Leno guy with the goatee.

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